My journey with Datafam!!

Prasann Prem
3 min readNov 4, 2020


The start

Finding your niche maybe the hardest thing you can think about. I do agree that as a human being, our interests waver and we are in continuous pursuit to find our place.

Luckily, I found my niche and all thanks goes to an amazing group of people in a community known as “Datafam”. The journey to even reaching “Datafam” was amazing itself, I was just trying to find my place and Lokesh Gosain(Lokesh Gosain) was the first person who helped me with all the resources and references to get started. It was this push that initiated a spark of some sort, and I started revolving around tableau public and these amazing people of which I just got the references. In fact that was the start of me, vizzing!

Being mesmerized by the amazing featured authors, I started loving it more but everything has a downside, right?. I was yet to discover how I can make this love earn my bread and butter, and that’s when I reached out to Swagat Jena(@SwaggyKJ). He boosted me with what to and what not to do, also what are the must have skills required in a business setting. This gave me enough confidence to carry on with my makeovermonday challenges, and start exploring more.

The stars

Well! every story is not a hit if there are no stars, rivals or friends. Actually, I found all of them here, the rival thing is a bit secret…..plzzz don’t tell anyone :). I’ll start with a star, and that is Priya Padham(@p_padham). Generally, stars are unreachable but in this community, they are just a message away. That’s how I felt, when I messaged her for queries and she always responds generously with the best answers she has. She has been one of those people who really inspired me to push myself day-after-day.

Tableau Conference-ish 2020

As for friends, my first TC, i.e., TC-ish was the best platform to mingle with all the people I use to have a conversation through likes and comments on twitter. Be it Remo group chats by Adam Mico, braindates and lively happy hours with Kevin Flerlage, it couldn’t have been better. On top of that, I got an opportunity to have a conversation with Adam Mico(@AdamMico1) through a braindate, and that was a big turn around. He not only guided me towards a direction but also helped me get a great mentor, and that is Jim Dehner. Though I haven’t been in much contact post our first meeting, he endowed me with great knowledge, and even set a path for me on our very first meeting. I feel so privileged to be his mentee, and look forward to learn so much from him in the near future.

Just starting, some words for you!

Altogether, I can say that, this “Datafam” community is one of the best things you can ever get into. Every person is reachable on just a ping, and you will definitely feel lively here. There are several events you can be part of and request for a feedback on your vizzes using “DatafamFeedback” hashtag. Just start and you will definitely start to think like me that,

“Tableau is not just a software, it’s hell more than that”

More for the family!

Last but not the least, there are several other individuals such as Autumn Battani, Prithak Kumar Bhattacharya, Sarah Bartlett and Thi Ho who helped me to improvise and stand where I am. Thank you so much everyone and sorry to those who I didn’t mentioned. At every second, I’m getting inspired by every single of you, the work you put up, it’s just amazing.

Thank you for having me. Take care!